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Modesty and Purity

Out of the blue, on a Valentine’s Day, as I took the kids to school, I decided to talk  them about modesty and purity.  Although they are only 6 and 8, I felt the need to explain a few things in simple terms.  I told them that  God made us for His glory and that we must guard our eyes, mouth, hands, all of our body so God is proud of us.  I also said that when they become adults and have a job, that it will be then, that they can date and find the woman has created just for them.

I stopped talking about the subject, but I asked them if they understood what I said, both said yes.  And they explained back to me, what I had just said to them, in their own terms.  I was happy….they understood, for now!

Later on, when I picked them up from school…remember, it was Valentine’s day, they mentioned they liked the Valentine’s cards I made for them.  When we got home, I allowed them to have some of the Valentine’s candies they got from their friends at school.  After their homework was done they went outside to ride bikes.  I took this opportunity to look through their school backpacks.  I expected to find candy that was being saved for bedtime…but I never expected to find a love letter from a little girl to my 8 year-old!

To my horror, she described that she had been wanting to kiss him on the lips, she had been dreaming about him.  And how another little girl wanted to the same.  She also mentioned they both wanted to “corner him” during recess time to kiss him.  The penmanship was from one girl, but both the girls signed the letter, and ended it by saying “destroy this, because I don’t want anyone to see it.”  I guess other parents would have been tickled pink, that their little boy is handsome…yes, it’s a little funny, but we want our kids to see modesty and purity as a way to honor God.

It was no coincidence I was led to have a talk about modesty and purity…it was a God-incidence.  And of course, the next morning, I alerted his teacher.  It was a happy Valentine’s Day, after all ?.

“It Happened By Design Now Available”

The new book based on this blog, with many new stories, is now available at the site “It Happened By Design“.  And when I was seeking reviews for the book, one of the reviewers had a God-incident of her own.  Amazing!  But then you wouldn’t expect anything less of God, would you?

Have you ever experienced an amazing co-incidence in your life?  One so amazing that later you ask yourself if perhaps it was the hand of God at work?  Well, according to author Kathie Thomas, it just might be.  She says that instead of a co-incidence, you may have experienced a God–incidence.

Kathie first heard the term “God-incidence” from her pastor a few years ago While listening to a sermon on how God used Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers to ultimately save the Hebrew nation, and how everything – every “coincidence” that occurred in Joseph’s life -actually moved him closer to his destined path, she realized that she too had experienced many such moments in her own life.

Kathie began searching the internet and found that many others were also having these same experiences.  She asked others to share their stories.  Those stories became a book – “It Happened by Design”.

It’s a wonderful book.  Kathie has changed nothing in the retelling of the many stories sent to her.  They ring with faith and truth.   And as you read you realize that, just as Kathie says, the hand of God is moving in the lives of these individuals.

My favorite story is almost the last one in the book – Surprise!  God-incidence.  It tells the story of a woman who discovers God’s calling for her in a surprising way.  As I read it, I felt tears come – and then an amazing peace.  You see, I have been feeling a similar call as the one in the story – a call to reach out and bring God’s word to other women.  But then I turn away.  Surely God has another plan for a simple business woman from Arkansas?  Then suddenly Kathie asks for friends to review her newest book.  And I say I will – although I have never done such a thing before.  And I read a story of a woman who hears God’s call and I know that this is the path I am to take.  Co-incidence?  Of course not!  God-incidence!  As Kathie shows so beautifully in her book – it happened by design.

Melodieann Whiteley,  WealthTogether, Inc.

Writing about God-incidences becomes a God-incidence

As you know by now the new book “It Happened By Design” will be publicly available very soon.  And in the meantime I’ve been getting people to review the book in its draft form. The third review that came in ended up being how reviewing the book provided an answer for the reader and was a God-incidence in itself.  You need to read that here.

Are you one of the contributing authors?

If you’re one of the contributing authors for my new book, based on this blog, called “It Happened By Design” and you haven’t yet got your permission form back to me, please get in touch as soon as possible. I need to finalise the copy so it can go to the printer.

Thank you.

Booking coming out soon!

The book based on this blog is coming out very soon, with lots of new stories not listed here.  The final touches are being put in place and soon it will be sent off to be printed and published.  Very exciting!

I hope you like the cover!  I’m thrilled with it and graphic designer, Jodi Salisbury, has done a great job, don’t you think?

If you would like to pre-order the book, or read about the contributing authors, please do drop by the book’s website at “It Happened By Design

Coincidence or Godincidence – Book

I received in the post not long ago a copy of a book by Steve & Kathi Rose with the title of this post. I’d come across their website and had told them about this blog. They sent me a copy of their book, which was really nice of them, and I’ve been enjoying reading the stories within. It is so touching to read stories of how God has touched the lives of others in a way that you know without a doubt is His special touch, His incidence in lives that might have missed the connection if they weren’t tuned into the fact that God does touch lives on a daily basis.

I encourage you to get a copy of this book for yourself. The stories are all short reads so it is a book you can pick up and put down again easily when busy. You can read a short story before retiring for the night, or whilst waiting for something or someone on a busy day. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a quick pick-me-up on a day that is ‘one of those days’ and you need some positive input just to help you through whatever is happening. It really is worth getting and who knows, it may just lead you to think back on the God-incidences in your own life – things you might not have thought about much before and suddenly realise what might have taken place. KMT

New Blog

Further to the post immediately below this, on the weekend I decided to set up a blog that is dedicated to Workplace Ministry and I hope you will go visit and add your thoughts and comments. The more I read and research about this aspect of ministry the more I know I have found my purpose. And I suspect many others are finding that too – amazing that you can be blind to something for a long time and then when someone points you in the right direction you can start joining up all the dots and see the picture clearly.

My sincere thanks to Sophia who placed a comment at my post Going Full Circle awhile back as that provided the missing link to join up the dots for me. KMT

God-Incidence Stories

It’s been good to see there have been a lot of readers of this new blog and I welcome you all and hope you enjoyed the read and got something out of it. I would love to hear your stories – I know that some have a story or two to share, but I’m still waiting to receive them!

In the meantime, I was chatting with a good friend from our old church and she told me of a God-Incidence that happened to her just last week – Joy will be faxing it through to me for this blog and I look forward to posting it! So, make sure you come back again soon to read Joy’s story. KMT

The Reason For This Blog

Late last year the Pastor at my church preached on how we cannot change the past and that God wants us to move on. He also spoke about how in the bible, certain things happened to people and God used those things to turn man around. He quoted a few examples, one of the earliest ones being Gen 50:20 where Joseph tells his brothers that they had intended to harm him, but that God intended it for good to accomplish the saving of many lives (paraphrased).

A co-incidence or God-incidence? Certainly the latter. But there are things that happen in our lives that we can’t explain and wonder why they happen, particularly things that appear to be bad at the outset, but later turn out to be a silver lining and a path changing incident. These things are God-incidences and I want to use this Blog to share these type of happenings and encourage others to share them also.

I’ll be posting copies of articles I have written in the past demonstrating how God-incidences have taken place in my own life.

So, it is my hope, my wish, my prayer, that this blog will speak to many out there who are seeking confirmation that God is working in their lives but can’t yet see it.

Bless you, KMT