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Modesty and Purity

Out of the blue, on a Valentine’s Day, as I took the kids to school, I decided to talk  them about modesty and purity.  Although they are only 6 and 8, I felt the need to explain a few things in simple terms.  I told them that  God made us for His glory and that we must guard our eyes, mouth, hands, all of our body so God is proud of us.  I also said that when they become adults and have a job, that it will be then, that they can date and find the woman has created just for them.

I stopped talking about the subject, but I asked them if they understood what I said, both said yes.  And they explained back to me, what I had just said to them, in their own terms.  I was happy….they understood, for now!

Later on, when I picked them up from school…remember, it was Valentine’s day, they mentioned they liked the Valentine’s cards I made for them.  When we got home, I allowed them to have some of the Valentine’s candies they got from their friends at school.  After their homework was done they went outside to ride bikes.  I took this opportunity to look through their school backpacks.  I expected to find candy that was being saved for bedtime…but I never expected to find a love letter from a little girl to my 8 year-old!

To my horror, she described that she had been wanting to kiss him on the lips, she had been dreaming about him.  And how another little girl wanted to the same.  She also mentioned they both wanted to “corner him” during recess time to kiss him.  The penmanship was from one girl, but both the girls signed the letter, and ended it by saying “destroy this, because I don’t want anyone to see it.”  I guess other parents would have been tickled pink, that their little boy is handsome…yes, it’s a little funny, but we want our kids to see modesty and purity as a way to honor God.

It was no coincidence I was led to have a talk about modesty and purity…it was a God-incidence.  And of course, the next morning, I alerted his teacher.  It was a happy Valentine’s Day, after all ?.

Do you have a story to tell?

Has God been involved in your life? Has something unexplainable happened that protected you, changed a circumstance or answered a prayer?  God does show up in our lives – often when we least expect it.

Why not share it with us here?

Sequel II in the making

I can’t believe it’s almost 2 1/2 years since I published “It Happened By Design” which was a compilation of stories from this blog and other authors on how God had taken part in the lives of many.  I’ve had so many emails and letters from people telling me how this book has enlightened them on how God is with us on a day-by-day basis.

I had a few stories sent to me after the closing date of the first book and I’ve decided I am going to produce a second book.  Title not yet decided upon.

I’ve updated this blog now and have made it possible for contributing authors to add their stories here for consideration.  All contributions will need to be added here or sent to me personally (via the contact form) for consideration.  If accepted I will contact you via email to ask for your full contact details and to get you to sign a permission form, giving permission for the story to be published in the book.

By the way, if you don’t have a copy of “It Happened By Design” but would like a copy, I’m making it available here at a discounted price.

Exciting hey?  I’m sure many of you have stories to tell where God has ‘showed up’ in your life in various circumstances. Why not share them with us now?