Traffic Angel

Sent in by Mary Ann Cobos Boyd.  Thank you.

I am disabled and besides my wheelchair at home I use a scooter to get around town.  The grocery store is located just a few blocks from my house but is on the other side of a major street that is actually a highway.  It is very scary for me to cross and I try to wait until there is “NO” traffic coming in either direction which can take up to an hour of sitting and waiting to cross in either direction.

One day as I was crossing to get back home I got ready for a long wait, I turned my scooter off and let my body just sink into the seat as I sat at a bank parking lot that was easier to cross from.  The weather was hot, no shade and just whispered a prayer “Lord, help me cross”

I had no sooner prayed when a man’s voice behind me spoke in Spanish… “Mam, do you want to cross?”.. I never even heard him pull up and park behind me. Before I could answer he says “Come on” and walked right onto the busy street, waved his arms and halted traffic like some sort of “TRAFFIC ANGEL” with both arms stretched out, palms up in a “stop” signal and all the traffic, even big semi trucks came to a complete stop…

Then with a humble gentle voice he says.. “you may go now”  I was a bit embarrassed, but turned on my scooter (which didn’t have a fast mode) and made traffic wait a little longer as I rode across the street wishing I had a “hurry up button” and thanked my traffic angel as I passed him.

Later I posted the story on my Facebook page and a Pastor friend told me it was his brother. He forwarded the story to him and said. “He cried when you called him a ‘traffic angel'”, said no one has ever referred to him as an angel. O:)

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