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A night out

Shared by a reader

Hello Kathie and thank you for your site. I am a Christian (Australian) living in London and trying to understand more about God-incidences, having had some confusing ones happening recently. Generally, I wonder what is the reason for them? I thought to share one:

Recently I was at The Globe Theatre, London one night with a friend. The theatre is modelled on a Shakespearian theatre, with upper and lower floors and the theatre was packed. At interval by friend and I went into the courtyard. Amidst the crowd I thought I saw someone in the distance who seemed familar…someone I had known in Fellowship group in Sydney in my teens. “Ridiculous” I thought, “he’ll be with his wife in northern NSW”. Still, there was something very familar about his movement. He left the area for a while, but seeing him was ‘bugging me’. He returned to the courtyard and I thought “well, here I go making a fool of myself” and went up to him and said, “helllo, I think….” then – indeed my friend from Sydney!! – turned and hugged me. We exchanged contact details and met the next day to catch up.

That we met was, I think, quite incredible – a God-incidence. He was only in London for 2 nigthts, this was the only night he went out in London and we happened to be at the same theatre – of all the theatres in London – and that I happened to recognise him in a crowd. He, his wife and I had just fallen out of touch over time, for no especially reason, but it’s lovely to be in touch with them again.