Do you have a story to tell?

Has God been involved in your life? Has something unexplainable happened that protected you, changed a circumstance or answered a prayer?  God does show up in our lives – often when we least expect it.

Why not share it with us here?

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  • Patricia Anne says:

    I had two God incidences today,the first one was a small one on the bus going to town. To start with the only other person on the bus was a young woman I have been wanting her to come to her final counselling session with me for the last four months. She had avoided or cancelled each time we booked in. It was obviously something she didn’t want to tackle. Today on the bus we chatted all the way to town, in a fairly empty bus, and we tidied up “all the lose ends” in a good low key way. That was a blessing enough. The Young woman got off at her bus stop,then an older woman got on.
    The Older woman used to be my next door neighbour.She sat next to be in a bus that was qickly filling up. She was delighted to see me. 10 years ago she was involved in an armed hold-up at the bank at which she was employed, and has suffered post traumatic stress ever since and not worked. She was going into town on her own to finalise her Victims of Crime claim and was petrified. Knowing her circumstances well from earlier supporting her through the difficulties but having not see her for about 5 years I asked her, ” Look every appointment of mine but one this afternoon has been cancelled, this never happens to me I think I am meant to be here for you” “Why don’t I accompany you to the lawyer as you seem so scared” she burst into tears and said “Everyone I had in mind that could have come with me wasn’t available to me today, now suddenly God has provided me with the one person who will totally understand my trauma” So together we thanked God for his intervention and went off to the lawyers to complete the difficult claim. What a joy to be part of a Godincidence. I could’t have organised this myself if I had tried.Does God have a sense of humour!
    Matt 6: 34″Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

  • Kathie says:

    Patricia Anne, thank you so much for sharing your stories. God continues to amaze me time and again. Just when people think that there is no hope, He pops in and turns things around. I hope that your two stories bless others as they have me. Thank you.

  • Hank says:

    Here is my amazing God-incidence. I pray to my mother who passed away in 2005, this time going through an unusual tough time. Wondering am I in the right place that I am suppose to be. What plans God has for me. Is He out there listening. This is the God-Incidence, the other evening Dad and I watched the national news with Diane Sawyer on ABC. We watch it every evening on local station WTNH. Well this past evening I switched to the the NBC local station and watched the news only because the broadcast on WTNH was pre-empted, for a program on the unusual winter. As we were watching the news a segment came on about the future of retirees, 401k etc. The lady was introduced at beginning of her appearance on the t.v. with her name. This lady had the EXACT FIRST and LAST name of my deceased mother’s maiden name. All I can think of at the time is that mom was watching over us, that GOD allowed this wonderful signal grace to happen to me for a special reason, that GOD has it all under control. This would never have happened to me if I did not change the channel to a different news program. I told my cousin and sister’s this story and they agreed that the chances something like this happening is 1 in 5 trillion, even 1 in 50 trillion, or could never happen without GOD’s intervention-His grace. I end by thanking and praising GOD, The LORD JESUS, The Holy Spirit, Angels and Saints,and my thanking mom who lived her life like a Saint, that GOD used her in a very, very, special way.

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