For such a time as this …

My daughter Julia often brings L (age 13) and T (age 12) to church, and we have kind of “adopted” this family especially since their parents separated last year, looking after them in whatever way we can.

Sadly, their Dad committed suicide a week ago. As their Mum doesn’t drive or have a car, it was arranged for a relative to drive L to the funeral in a country town some three hours away (T didn’t want to go); and that we would bring her back home.

However I couldn’t believe my eyes when L’s family came out of the house to say hello, there was a face I recognised! The grandmother’s sister was K – a lady from our church who had visited our cell group only a couple of weeks before! Being a large church, we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I know we were both encouraged, even without saying a word, to realise that there is another Christian in this family’s life to love and care for them.

Now if that isn’t a God-incidence, I don’t know what is!

Of course it’s devastating that their dad took his own life –  but at least God has been busy placing His people all around the family to support them, and hopefully love them into His Kingdom. “For such a time as this …”

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  • Moyna says:

    Thanks for writing this.

  • Kathie, as you know, your book [“It happened By Design”] has shown me heaps of God-incidences, right down to the very last page! { }
    This sad story, still showed signs of ‘hope’, and isn’t that what the Lord is all about?

    I’m encouraged by God’s words, and know their dad has found peace,–I pray those left behind continue to be surrounded by such beautiful souls, you being one.

  • Janet says:

    To follow up … L asked Jesus into her life a couple of weeks ago and now comes to church with us each Sunday! Praise the Lord!!!

  • Janet says:

    PS forgot to mention, L’s grandma (K’s sister) gave her heart to the Lord about 3 months ago too!

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