Finding Missing Things

Since I published my latest book about God-Incidences it’s highlighted to others how simple every day actions could actually be a God-Incidence. So I’m going to start sharing with you some of the stories that have been sent in to me.  Here’s the first one.

Good luck with your book launch Kathie.  I received the first ‘God Incidence’ that I chose to recognize this week.

It was simple really.  The previous day I had been sorting a LOT of papers and I wrote a small list of some things I wanted to do soon.  Then I could not find the list.

The next day I decided I would go and look for it (in all the mess), but the phone rang.  It was a lovely call and it prompted me to look in my diary, and out fell the small list of things to do.

It may not seem like much, but it was such a simple thing (and I HATE losing things) and at the time, I was feeling quite alone (not just because I work from a home office), so I felt as if I really did have someone by my side.

After reading some of your blog today, I will probably start seeing a lot more of these in the future – how blind I have been!

Cheers, Sue

And it really is that simple – God helping us to find things.   Kathie.

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  • Agnes Ikotun says:

    Hi Kathie,

    I just stumbled on your website and I’m enjoying reading through it. I wanted to share a story of finding missing things that happened many many months ago but I’m still so tickled by it.

    I somehow lost my cellphone and this is a phone that I use for business calls and emails, so you can imagine how anxious I felt. I’d spent a whole week searching both high and low and I just had no idea where the phone was. I then realized that I hadn’t prayed about it, so I took a few deep breaths and prayed. It wasn’t two minutes later that I prayed that the Lord led me to the car garage to look in my 4 yr old’s bicycle basket and guess what? it was there!

    With this whole experience I also realized that I still managed business communication efficiently without having the phone for a whole week. So I disabled business emails from coming to the phone as I was previously stressing over and responding to emails during non-office hours and during family time. Isn’t our Father awesome.

  • Kathie says:

    That’s wonderful news Agnes and thanks for sharing. Amazing we don’t think to pray first off in many instances isn’t it?

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