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God just wanted to let me know

It might be a small thing but what are the odds of this showing up in my Google Reader?

Let me set the scene.

I recently launched my book “Worth More Than Rubies” at I set up a promotion for a 24 hour period and watched the ranking of my book go from 900,000+ up to 1,127 which was quite exciting. Sales were coming in. I discovered that Amazon has an RSS feed for the top 100 Hot New Releases for my genre, so I subscribed to it, but it only shows 1 book a day from that list of 100.

You know what’s coming don’t you? Overnight, whilst I was asleep, my book reached number 23 but when I saw it 12 hours later on the feed reader it had moved back down again so I would never have been able to witness this or even know it had happened. Why was my book showing instead of someone else’s on the feed reader? Random books are shown every day, in different positions and yet mine was the focus for that particular time the information was posted.

Only God could have orchestrated that for me otherwise I would never have known.