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Seeking Expertise Brings Friendship

When I decided to start writing a children’s novel in March 2006, I knew I would need expert help with police procedures that would form a large part of the story. I Googled “Victorian Police Christian Fellowship” hoping to come up with something and found one obscure entry that talked about a Senior Sergeant who was disappointed that the Fellowship no longer existed and had started an email prayer support group for fellow Police Officers.

There was an email link and I sent off an inquiry asking the Senior Sergeant if he knew of anyone who might be willing to help. The entry on Google was almost two years old and I had no idea if the email link would still work.

Within an hour, I received an unexpected phone call. It was the Senior Sergeant – now an acting District Inspector – asking for more information.

I told him of my needs, and what I hoped to do. By the end of my phone call, I had my very own Police Liaison Officer; a Christian, who said he would be delighted to give me any help I needed. Eighteen months later, after countless emails, a few phone calls, two visits to Melbourne including one where I stayed with Paul and his family, my novel is complete.

Along the way, Paul spent twelve months in East Timor as part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, and I was able to write an article on his experiences as part of an assignment for a writing course I’m currently doing.

Not only did I receive help with my novel, and an important assignment, but I have made some new friends who have given me so much love and support on my journey as a writer.

Lynne Churchyard,