Another God-incidence

Amazing to be able to look back and see that God has been working on something – even when you haven’t!

I returned home from a business workshop/seminar this morning to find a 10 min old Skype message asking if I was around for a chat about something? I Skyped back to say I’d just got in and shall we chat? And so we did a short time later.

The guy who contacted me outlined a new project he’s working on and that he saw me as someone who could possibly get involved – that he was aware of the things I’d been doing online and where my interests lay.

Now I can’t yet divulge what the project is but as we spoke two things came up that can only be God-incidences.

1. He asked me about doing copy writing for a website he’s working on – I’d just returned from a copywriting workshop! Amazing. I know I can write but learning how to refine it for clients is important and so here I was, not even home a half hour after the course and already my first job lined up!

2. He mentioned the field of possible clients he was looking at for his project (unrelated to number 1 above) and immediately a name of a very well known personality popped into mind. I mentioned who I was thinking of and the caller got real excited as this was exactly the same person he’d been talking with over the past few months. He wanted to know if I knew this person personally and I told him that the PA and I are very good friends and have been on committees together for over 10 years.

So I promised to contact the PA and put in a good word for him. Enter the third thing that happened as a result of this conversation. Turns out the PA (my friend) had been telling her boss (the well known personality) about things I’d been doing online. And then I go and contact her about the very same thing!

Talk about timing. I love when these divine connections happen and you can see God written all over it! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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