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Another God-incidence

Amazing to be able to look back and see that God has been working on something – even when you haven’t!

I returned home from a business workshop/seminar this morning to find a 10 min old Skype message asking if I was around for a chat about something? I Skyped back to say I’d just got in and shall we chat? And so we did a short time later.

The guy who contacted me outlined a new project he’s working on and that he saw me as someone who could possibly get involved – that he was aware of the things I’d been doing online and where my interests lay.

Now I can’t yet divulge what the project is but as we spoke two things came up that can only be God-incidences.

1. He asked me about doing copy writing for a website he’s working on – I’d just returned from a copywriting workshop! Amazing. I know I can write but learning how to refine it for clients is important and so here I was, not even home a half hour after the course and already my first job lined up!

2. He mentioned the field of possible clients he was looking at for his project (unrelated to number 1 above) and immediately a name of a very well known personality popped into mind. I mentioned who I was thinking of and the caller got real excited as this was exactly the same person he’d been talking with over the past few months. He wanted to know if I knew this person personally and I told him that the PA and I are very good friends and have been on committees together for over 10 years.

So I promised to contact the PA and put in a good word for him. Enter the third thing that happened as a result of this conversation. Turns out the PA (my friend) had been telling her boss (the well known personality) about things I’d been doing online. And then I go and contact her about the very same thing!

Talk about timing. I love when these divine connections happen and you can see God written all over it! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Tap on the Shoulder

The place was my home, a suburb of Sydney.  It was winter,the year was 2000.

While my city was celebrating the wonder of our first Olympic games, my life was about to change, forever.  I was asleep, and had entered the dream world. Here I was, strolling beside the sea-side, water so blue and crystal-clear, the sand beneath my feet soft as silk and so white that it was almost blinding.

There was no other soul on the beach, but suddenly I was aware of a presence walking beside me, speaking words of comfort, reassurance. I couldn’t see the face, but I immediately recognised the person. His dress was almost as white as the sand that we walked upon, it felt like time had stopped. Just as clear as this picture was, so too the feeling of a tap on my shoulder. The kind of tapping as if someone were trying to get my attention, and I awoke.

Looking around the bedroom, I expected to wake with either my husband, or one of my children needing me… everyone lay fast asleep.

The next morning, I gathered the family, describing the dream, and the sensation of the hand on my shoulder…no one could explain so I tried to put it out of my mind.

he following day brought my answer. My mother, who had been fighting a battle with cancer, had fallen during the night…. my father found her the next morning.  As I drove my car recklessly up the motorway to her house, I realised in an instant my dream had been a message, a warning. I will always believe that the dream along with the hand that woke me, were both letting me know… ‘Get ready’

“Side by Side” poem written by Debbie Stevens, is based upon this incident.