Networking even when not planned

Several years ago I was unemployed. Through another unemployed individual with whom I networked I was introduced to Bible Study Fellowship. I attended regularly, but was always challenged to get there on time.

One of the companies I had targeted in my job search was called FSI International, a supplier of capital equipment to the semiconductor industry. Try as I might, I just couldn’t find a networking contact into the company.

Monday night came along and I felt driven to get to BSF on time. After the introduction, one of the small group leaders was introduced to give his faith story. You can imagine my surprise when the teaching leader when he said, “Tonight we will be hearing from Peter Pope. During the week, Peter is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for FSI International.”

I would like to be able to say the result of that meeting was a new job, but it wasn’t. It was, however, the beginning of a friendship which lasted until Peter’s untimely death a few years later. This was truly a Godincidence.

Lonny J. Gulden
Chief Connections Officer™
Deep Valley Consulting LLC

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