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Sweet answer to prayer

I don’t believe anything is coincidence…I believe those thing we call coincidence are really “God-incidence”

Here’s a little one I would like to share…Last night after doing my relaxation tape, I decided to ask God in a special way for a dvd with a remote that I need to use for my “rebounding” ….my new exercise program. I wanted to bring it up to my office and not be in the livingroom…also when I jumped I was just in the middle of the ceiling fan!!!

So going to sleep I kept repeating, “I am joyously (I learned that in requesting you should keep the request in the present like it has already happened and use an “ly” word, and an”ing” word in the request and be specific and say when you want it to happen!!)…so again I said, “I am joyous”ly” thank”ing” God and the person who is giving me a free dvd with a remote immediately!!” I kept repeating it over and over until I went to sleep….but just before going to sleep my sister popped into my mind. I wanted to call in the middle of the night (which I have had to do for anxiety and mania…she is a pure angel!!) but I knew I could wait.

In the morning I asked her about her tv with a dvd and remote…I told her I had a tv with a dvd but no remote ( you need the remote in the exercise video to go down to play the workout otherwise you just get in to theinstruction section!!) Would she mind trading (mine is smaller) and she said, “sure I’ll trade” Viola” the answer to my prayer instantly! Thank you God!! It is small but it is a sweet answer to prayer!

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