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I have a God-incidence story for you. It happened awhile ago but I was reminded of it tonight while posting on another blog.This is definitely a God-incidence but maybe not the typical way you’re thinking…

Will (my former boyfriend) and I had a huge fight one day. I was furious and went home and began to write a letter to another friend of mine. I told him what happened but I spent a lot of time slandering Will. I wrote about 5 sentences of not-so-nice things about him. So I sent the letter and I got a reply from my friend (Robert) and he told me to dump Will. He too said a bunch of not-so-kind things about Will.

After about a week had passed (and I still hadn’t spoken to Will) I started to get convicted because of how I handled the whole situation.

I knew that I should not have said those things and wished I could take them back. I confessed to the Lord what I had done but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to Will. I knew that it would really hurt him if he knew. I told the Lord that I didn’t want to keep anything from Will but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I wanted a clear conscience and I didn’t want anything to hinder my relationship with the Father.

So Will calls me finally and he wanted me to come over. He sounded really strange – kind of irritated but not about the fight. He said he wanted to know who I was talking to. I didn’t know where he was going with that. He kept insisting that I was talking to someone about him.

I asked if he thought it was one of my girlfriends and he said ‘no’.

He said it was a guy and he was really pushing me to tell him what was said. I finally told him the only guy I talked to was Robert and that was via snail mail. So he asked me to read his letter to him over the phone. Robert’s letter was 5 pages long on legal sized paper front and back. So I proceeded to read the letter to him, omitting his slanderous remarks of course, and when I was finished, Will knew that something wasn’t right. He said something was missing. He asked if I read the WHOLE letter to him and I lied and said ‘yes’.

So then, he asked me to bring the letter over. I thought I was going to die! How was I to pull this off now? Did I confess to Will like I should have? Of course not! Instead I rushed to the store and bought yellow legal sized paper and REWROTE the entire letter (10 pages front and back) copying Robert’s handwriting with the slanderous parts omitted! I gave it to Will and he read it. When he was finished he said something like “you mean he didn’t say I was a jerk?” “Did he tell you to dump me?” “Did he tell you that you could find a better person than me?” “Did he call me an #@!z*?” Will knew VERBATIM what was said. He said a bunch of other things that were in MY letter and in Robert’s letter. I did not include everything that was said but the wording was unique – something that a person could not have guessed.

Anyway, I was terrified but I kept denying it. But Will kept insisting that these things were said. I finally said “you know don’t you?” He said “know what?” (he knew, he just wanted me to say it) The jig was up, he knew. I knew right then that somehow the Lord told him because there was absolutely no way he could have known about mine and Robert’s exchange via mail. He knew the words exactly as they were written. It’s like Will had the original letters and read from them. I was so scared, I was shaking! So I broke down and told him everything- I had to at that point because I knew that I was fighting God.

Anyway Will and I reconciled.

So God busted me big time!!!! But He also answered my prayer by forcing me to confess what I said to Will, thus giving me a clear conscience and restoring my relationship with the Father. After I stopped shaking, I praised the Lord for what He had done! I never thought that He would answer a prayer in that way! I mean he busted on me – have you ever heard of that? Incidentally I haven’t done that since. I’m too afraid because I KNOW He will bust me again. It just amazes to think that the Lord truly does watch over us and that He is involved in everything! It’s funny how He wouldn’t let me slide either! He MADE SURE I did the right thing but He had to give it a push first.

I will never forget what He has done – it was terrifying yet amazing!

I am so thankful to Him!

Carol from The Bible Thumper’s Soapbox.


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This weekend we went to IKEA.

If you’re a British husband, this 4 letter word can strike fear into your heart.

Why did we go? Because my youngest daughter needs a new bed and contrary to what you might think, only IKEA seems to have the right beds. In my opinion they have very nice beds at the local Furniture Village 2 miles away, but no, it has to be to IKEA.

Our “local” IKEA is 30 miles away, a part of a huge shopping complex that serves as a Retail Mecca for millions. It provides hours of “fun”: queuing on the roads, endless browsing, queuing for bite to eat, more browsing, queuing at the tills, and finally, with the day mostly over, the long drive home with thousands of fellow shoppers. And then to add insult to injury, there awaits the hours of frustration as I try to assemble my purchases from the very compact flat packs with obscure instructions that seem to be for completely different products!

So why do I regale you with my tale of woe? Because something unusual happened.

In preparation for our pilgrimage and the anticipated purchase of a fine, and dare I say it, unique IKEA bed, I had to put the roof bars on our car and look for our binding straps. I have a wonderful collection of such straps, accumulated over the years because I constantly misplace them and have to buy new ones. Yet, once again, the blessed straps were missing.

I searched “everywhere” in our garage, through heaps and heaps of chaos. Eventually I gave up in disgust, resigned myself to yet another strap purchase, and turned to exit the garage. As I turned, there was an almighty crash behind me as a basket tumbled from the top of one of our chaotic heaps to the ground. I turned around patiently, thanked God for giving me the opportunity to grow, bent to pick the basket up, only to find it full of my missing straps!

Now you would be within your rights to attribute this to blind chance, as improbable as it is, but I would like today to thank my God for the little things in life.