We’re on duty for God 24/7

Throughout this year I’ve been working on a new book based on The Proverbs 31 Woman. The book is called Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mum.  The journey I’ve been experiencing during this time has been amazing and the evidence that God continues to work through things I do will never cease to surprise me. The following is just one such incident.

The most awesome thing happened and I wanted to share it with you.

A few days ago I was annoyed to receive yet another email newsletter from some group I’d never heard of. Because they were obviously Australian, and bearing in mind the spam legislation here, I emailed them and asked how I got on the list – to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The guy answered today and advised I’d signed up for their regular newsletter last December and this was a special one-off. I emailed back and suggested that they actually advise who the ‘parent group’ is so that recipients know who the sender actually is. He responded and agreed and then he emailed me again:

Kathie, you’re a Believer! So am I!!

I just clicked on your link for http://worth-more-than-rubies.com/

Where do you fellowship?

He’d seen the link for my new book in my signature block and followed it and knew instantly where my heart lay.

We ended up emailing back and forth and it turns out that 3 years ago he and his wife was touched by a special ministry that operates from my church. More than that, his wife works at home but is struggling and none of their friends can relate as they are not in a similar position. He asked if I would consider chatting with her on the phone to encourage her and of course I said ‘yes’.

It is important that we always respond and ‘react’ to things in a way that is not seen as rude or bad character at any time. We never know who we’re connecting with and the internet allows us to connect with anyone and everyone at any given time. We are on duty, God’s duty 24/7.  If I had not responded ‘nicely’ it’s possible we would not have discovered what I now believe to be a ‘God-connection’ and it thrills me that once again, my Lord is using me to help others.

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  • Carol says:

    Wow! That is just amazing!!! If it were me, I would have deleted it like I always do. I would have never thought to investigate further. Maybe I’ve been closing some doors in doing so.

    Hey, I just realized, you’re not on blogspot so I can’t join your neighborhood. Maybe I’ll put you in my blogroll so I don’t lose you.

    This is the first blog I’ve come across where someone discusses their “God-incidents”. I have some on mine but mostly they’re in my notebooks. But that is just great – I love reading things like this.


    p.s. What does abschicken mean?

  • Carol says:

    I found you – you are on blogspot. (I’m such a spacklehead!) haha

    I was in the comments area when I looked at the address and I didn’t see ‘blog’anything so I thought you came from somewhere else. Anyway, HOWDY NEIGHBOR!!!!

  • Thanks Carol for your comments and glad you found the blog! Please do feel free to add me to your blogroll – I used to be on blogger but shifted to my own server and love using WordPress.

    The abschicken – something to do with the template I’m using so not sure sorry.

  • I like this site very much, Kathy. God moves all the time and these types of stories help us see him even more clearly.

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