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A New Year God-Incidence

I almost forgot to share this here but have mentioned it at the Workplace-Ministry blog and emailed some close friends and family members about it.

For several years now I have prepared my goals for the year in full colour using Powerpoint and then print them out, laminate them and stick them on the wall just above and behind my monitor so that whenever I’m looking at my monitor, the goals are also in view. It’s important to have our plans and goals constantly in our vision – if they’re out of sight, they are often out of mind, and the end of the year can come and we wonder what happened to our plans? It’s been important to me that I adopt a bible verse as well for my goals and I include that. The goals usually include business goals and personal goals with something that also relates to my ministry and/or my connection with my Christian faith.

Late in December 2006 the pastor from my church told us about the message he received from God for our church and the Year of the Green Lights. I added this information to my PPT poster and the verse he quoted, plus pictures of green traffic lights for emphasis and the word ‘Go’ in a big green circle.

Mid January 2007 I had set aside a day for planning the rest of my year and my focus for what I want to do. It’s not a co-incidence, but a God-incidence that at the very time I was writing and praying about my goals a Google Alert arrived in my email, with my name in it, promoting a speaking event in the US. It blew me away – almost like a confirmation that this year I will be doing a lot more speaking. I have already had several engagements booked this year – but haven’t yet done a lot to promote, other than change my website ( and my email signature block.

The Google Alert just lets me know whenever my name is published on a website so I can track what’s happening out there – only this time the kathie thomas wasn’t me. But just to see my name there with Lisa Bevere’s is an exiciting thought! And feels like an encouragement and confirmation.There is a speaker in the US with the same name as me and she will be sharing the stage with Lisa Bevere. That email so excited me and I copied and pasted it into the PPT poster before I printed it off.

You see, one of my goals for this year is to increase how much writing I do, publish a book and do more speaking engagements. This email which could have come anytime, arrived during the time of my planning session and prayer and I believe it to be a confirmation from God that he is directing my path. And already I’ve had several articles published, am writing a book based on one of my most successful blogs and have already had several speaking engagements.

Go God!

I saw this today and thought it good to share here!  Thanks for your story Tammie!  You can see Tammie’s blog and post here.

At church Miss Peggy shared a testimony that blessed our socks off! Miss Peg was laid off from her job a month or so ago and the thought of giving $50 bills for birthday gifts to two grandkids was weighing heavy on her heart. The birthdays were right around the corner and she was praying for a miracle to appear right around the corner (literally). As she went on her walk that day, her route weaved through the neighborhood right past the park. Her prayer that day, ‘when I walk by the park, Lord, let me find a hundred dollar bill’. No miracle on 13th Street that day! The next day she prayed again, ‘Lord, let me find a hundred dollar bill at the park’. Corners came and went and no miracle on 13th or Cisco Street that day, either.

Then the unimaginable became imaginable. While searching for a receipt in her purse, practically turning it inside out, she gasped. In a zipper pocket, rarely used, there it was…’A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL’!!! It just so happened (God-incidence), that the remainder of her December 15th Christmas bonus was exactly one hundred dollars and hidden snuggly away for a rainy day!

Nothing is impossible with God!