He hears our cries

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Aileen, I wanted to comment on your blog, but couldn’t so am posting it here and hope you will see it – isn’t it wonderful how God uses other people to fulfil a need? I wonder how many of us really know that decisions we make really do affect other people – even if it seems unrelated to us, and that those decisions could be the answer to someone else’s prayer. Please read on….

The whole day I couldn’t wait to share about this!!!

Ytd’s prayer meeting was awesome~ It was incredible.. I was in the choir singing together with Dennis beside me and it was fun! But more than just that, the presence of God was so strong.. and I was deeply touched..

You remember at the beginning pst told us to pray for 15 mins? The first thing that came into my mind was my dad… He’s been out of job for almost 3 weeks and the situation in my family was kinda tense.. So I prayed and prayed… and prayed some more… until I felt a peace in my heart.. (a kind that just comes out suddenly..) and then I went on to pray for other things..

Then in the midst of working today… I received an sms from my dad saying he’s found a job! But wait, more than just a job.. The pay is more than the 2.8 k that he didn’t expect.. (“if i can get $2.8k I will laugh my teeth out ..” – dad before knowing the pay) and he’s provided a new vehicle.. (to drive me and my friends ard with =P) and $100 hp bill… Plus it’s near our place.. What’s more, he didn’t even have to go through interviews! Becos the employer knew a friend whom my dad worked for many years ago.. And ta da! He’s starting work on monday.

Isn’t God amazing…
I believe it’s more than just a coincidence… It’s a God-incidence

He hears our cries and He cares..

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