Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem

During routine maintenance, water dripped down a line that led to the control panel for the ice plant. Upon hearing a loud pop, the guys ran to the rescue to find flames pouring out of the box. The damage was already done and here is what we were left with. (see picture) Kent called an area electrician that we always count on for our bigger projects. They said that they couldn’t fix it this time, it was out of their league. Kent called me and said, “Tammie, this is big and we’ve gotta pray.” You see, we know that nothing is ever out of His league.

Kent called a friend of the family, Tom, who has experience in dealing with this sort of equipment. He, inspite of his health issues, was there to help guide Kent through the clean-up and assessment of the damage. A true God-send. Later that day while on their way to eat supper at “White’s”, Tom admitted that they were over his head. He felt that he had proceeded as far as his experience could get them. Kent replied, “Let’s sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning.”

Well the night came and went, then there was morning. Tom came by to pick Kent up and head to the ice house. Upon driving up, they caught a glance of Les at the trailer park rolling up his water line preparing to go home to Amarillo. Kent said, “Tom, would you mind if I asked this guy to take a look at this with us? Les is an electrical engineer.” Tom gladly agreed and before they knew it, Les was in the thick of solving the rest of their problems. Another God-send. Not only solving, but he had the skills to make this control panel better than it was before. You see, last summer on three occasions we had ice jams resulting in busted augers and mountains of ice on the floor. Next week, Les, Tom and Kent will be installing photo eyes, automatic shut-offs and an alert system. This is so far out of our league that we know it is GOD.

God allows trials and tribulations to come because of our disobedience. But in this case, sometimes they just come! And we have to trust that he has a plan to make things better than they were before. Thank you God for coming to our rescue through Tom and Les. Bless these men beyond measure.

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  • Lorna says:

    Hi Kathie – over here from see-through faith!

    Nice to meet you … thank you for the beautiful encouraging comments about this blog which you left in the comments. I have eija to thank for the wonderful set up of the site … and two of the blogs at the top -cornerstone and invisible – are hers. Be sure to check them out. She’s an awesome photographer – and I love what she writes too – but I am a bit biased I guess.

    We also have a blog that’s not up there – it’s called into the Bible and we’ve just started reading Nehemiah.

    I love the term God-incidence, but I liked your by line even more …Co-incidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous! What an inspiring thought. I want to see what else you write … I’ve got the strong feeling that it really was a God-incidence that you found my site and now me yours!


  • tovorinok says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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