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He hears our cries

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Aileen, I wanted to comment on your blog, but couldn’t so am posting it here and hope you will see it – isn’t it wonderful how God uses other people to fulfil a need? I wonder how many of us really know that decisions we make really do affect other people – even if it seems unrelated to us, and that those decisions could be the answer to someone else’s prayer. Please read on….

The whole day I couldn’t wait to share about this!!!

Ytd’s prayer meeting was awesome~ It was incredible.. I was in the choir singing together with Dennis beside me and it was fun! But more than just that, the presence of God was so strong.. and I was deeply touched..

You remember at the beginning pst told us to pray for 15 mins? The first thing that came into my mind was my dad… He’s been out of job for almost 3 weeks and the situation in my family was kinda tense.. So I prayed and prayed… and prayed some more… until I felt a peace in my heart.. (a kind that just comes out suddenly..) and then I went on to pray for other things..

Then in the midst of working today… I received an sms from my dad saying he’s found a job! But wait, more than just a job.. The pay is more than the 2.8 k that he didn’t expect.. (“if i can get $2.8k I will laugh my teeth out ..” – dad before knowing the pay) and he’s provided a new vehicle.. (to drive me and my friends ard with =P) and $100 hp bill… Plus it’s near our place.. What’s more, he didn’t even have to go through interviews! Becos the employer knew a friend whom my dad worked for many years ago.. And ta da! He’s starting work on monday.

Isn’t God amazing…
I believe it’s more than just a coincidence… It’s a God-incidence

He hears our cries and He cares..

Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem

During routine maintenance, water dripped down a line that led to the control panel for the ice plant. Upon hearing a loud pop, the guys ran to the rescue to find flames pouring out of the box. The damage was already done and here is what we were left with. (see picture) Kent called an area electrician that we always count on for our bigger projects. They said that they couldn’t fix it this time, it was out of their league. Kent called me and said, “Tammie, this is big and we’ve gotta pray.” You see, we know that nothing is ever out of His league.

Kent called a friend of the family, Tom, who has experience in dealing with this sort of equipment. He, inspite of his health issues, was there to help guide Kent through the clean-up and assessment of the damage. A true God-send. Later that day while on their way to eat supper at “White’s”, Tom admitted that they were over his head. He felt that he had proceeded as far as his experience could get them. Kent replied, “Let’s sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning.”

Well the night came and went, then there was morning. Tom came by to pick Kent up and head to the ice house. Upon driving up, they caught a glance of Les at the trailer park rolling up his water line preparing to go home to Amarillo. Kent said, “Tom, would you mind if I asked this guy to take a look at this with us? Les is an electrical engineer.” Tom gladly agreed and before they knew it, Les was in the thick of solving the rest of their problems. Another God-send. Not only solving, but he had the skills to make this control panel better than it was before. You see, last summer on three occasions we had ice jams resulting in busted augers and mountains of ice on the floor. Next week, Les, Tom and Kent will be installing photo eyes, automatic shut-offs and an alert system. This is so far out of our league that we know it is GOD.

God allows trials and tribulations to come because of our disobedience. But in this case, sometimes they just come! And we have to trust that he has a plan to make things better than they were before. Thank you God for coming to our rescue through Tom and Les. Bless these men beyond measure.

God Thing

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Well, my uncle has been through a therapy session that I think every warm blooded American oughta take into consideration. The suggestion was made for him to create a survival kit for those times of overwhelming stress and anxiety. He was told to make a list of possible items that pertain to each of the five senses. His two favorite items that he listed for the sense of taste were sour gummy worms and black licorice.

Yesterday while browsing the Cabela’s store, my aunt picked up about six candy items to take to the hospital for my uncle. She walked in and presented him with part of his surprise, a package of sour gummy worms and black licorice. He asked, “Did someone from here call you?” She assured him that they hadn’t called and that it was a God-incidence, a.k.a. God thing.

Another God thing happened this morning. Last night, my uncle shared the ‘rest’ of the list of favorites. One of the favs for the sense of hearing was a duck call. A friend and business associate stopped by the house this morning and mentioned that someone from work wanted to do something special for Leroy. The guy has a talent…making homemade duck calls out of wood and would be starting one for Leroy. Donna and I shot each other a quirky glance and busted out laughing…”dudu dudu”…another God thing!!!


One Sunday morning recently I sensed the Spirit of God so strongly it was all I could do to stop myself from standing up and shouting it from the rooftop!  As the pastor led the altar call, God “showed” me an older lady sitting on the other side of the church (I couldn’t even see her from where I was sitting!), and I knew she wanted to respond but was holding back. I didn’t quite know what to do – should I say something? But I felt to just stay seated, and to pray fervently for her.  Several minutes later, guess who went out the front for prayer and salvation?  That was soooo cool!

Love, Janet xxx

Janet Camilleri
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