Daily Matters

There are probably things that happen on an almost daily basis that are God-incidences but we aren’t always aware of them.

Last Thursday I was down at my church, helping with a mailout and when it was time to go, went to say goodbye to Pastor Georgina but saw she was in the Senior Pastor’s office so decided not to interrupt her. I turned to go and both of them called out to me to come back. Both had been reading my articles online and wanted to encourage me as they felt the articles were good. We began chatting and I shared about some recent publishing successes I’d had – writing is one of my passions.

Recently Ps Georgina and I have been discussing which connect group my husband and I might lead this year and we still haven’t settled on anything yet but then Ps Rob said ‘why not a writer’s group?’ and Ps Georgina agreed. The three of us talked excitedly about it for a few minutes before I had to move on but my heart had quickened and the idea is indeed exciting. But the amazing thing is just that morning I was reading about setting up a Christian Writer’s Group at the FaithWriters.com website – I’d never looked at that before and I was wondering about it. So to have Ps Rob suggest it and Ps Georgina agree on the very same day I’d been considering it seemed to be another one of those God-incidents for me and I expect it is something that will now happen.

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