Just this month…

Sometimes it’s not always evident a God-incident has happened, until you have all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Recently Graham and I had another experience, that until last night, I wasn’t aware was another God-incident.

I listen to our local Christian radio station, LightFM, every single day. It’s on in the background with music playing, voices talking and has a positive input into my life as I work in my office, read, do housework, or whatever. I like having that background sound – it’s not intrusive but comforting. Whilst I very much enjoy being on my own whilst working I don’t like total silence and the radio station fills that void.

Anyway, LightFM is a listener supported station, very dependent upon donations and sponsors to keep it running – their paid advertising pretty much pay the staff, but that’s all. And so LightFM was advertising its inaugural Fundraising Dinner and I first saw it mentioned in their newsletter Light Reading. I was going to ring and book straight away for us to go but it mentioned going in groups if possible, they were wanting to fill tables of 10. So I contacted my church instead to find out if anyone else was going so we could be on a table with others from our church.

I was pleasantly surprised with an email from our Pastor’s secretary a short time later saying that he would like us to be his guests. This we felt to be an honour, we haven’t been there very long (just over a year) and are still getting to know people within this very large congregation. We also knew that Ps Rob Buckingham would have lots of other people he knows very well in the church so to ask us to join his table seemed very special indeed. Naturally we accepted and looked forward to going.

Well, the event was last night and it was great fun – with entertainment, well-known speaker Tim Costello who is head of World Vision here in Australia, some other quite well known faces in the audience, lots of humour, silent auctions and other things. Very good night.

At the end of the evening Ps Rob was saying goodbye to us when he shared that it was very timely to receive my email about going to the dinner (it had been forwarded to him by someone in the church office). Apparently he had just 2 seats left to fill on his table and was thinking about whom he would offer them to when my email arrived. Co-incidence? No way, God is building relationships and I’m very aware of that! KMT

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  • Kimberly says:

    That’s awesome Kathie. I love God-incidences. He has perfect timing!

    I love your blogs! They’re great fun and full of wisdom.

    God bless,

    (from Rzye)

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