Coincidence or Godincidence – Book

I received in the post not long ago a copy of a book by Steve & Kathi Rose with the title of this post. I’d come across their website and had told them about this blog. They sent me a copy of their book, which was really nice of them, and I’ve been enjoying reading the stories within. It is so touching to read stories of how God has touched the lives of others in a way that you know without a doubt is His special touch, His incidence in lives that might have missed the connection if they weren’t tuned into the fact that God does touch lives on a daily basis.

I encourage you to get a copy of this book for yourself. The stories are all short reads so it is a book you can pick up and put down again easily when busy. You can read a short story before retiring for the night, or whilst waiting for something or someone on a busy day. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a quick pick-me-up on a day that is ‘one of those days’ and you need some positive input just to help you through whatever is happening. It really is worth getting and who knows, it may just lead you to think back on the God-incidences in your own life – things you might not have thought about much before and suddenly realise what might have taken place. KMT

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  • kItttttt says:

    hi kathie, i’d just like to say it’s a nice feeling reading ur blog knowing u are diligently expressing about living in Christ

    and a 2nd thing is that i agree with what u said, on “invisible footprints” (prolly ages ago by now) that everything is getting genuinely more complex and life issues is now never straight as an arrow.

    what i also want to say is that i’m no longer using blogspot, and i’m starting slowly but steadily on wordpress now. if u want to, u’ll be able to look me up at


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