It Dawned On Me Last Night….

… that another God-incident had taken place in my life recently. I’m a bit slow to wake up sometimes.

I was reading the book Faith & Work: Do They Mix? by Os Hillman. This is a great book for those who feel that God is leading them to a ministry in the workplace. I know that is where I am supposed to be and have known it for a number of years now. The book is truly emphasising what I’ve been feeling and there is an increasing excitement building within me as I progress through this book.

Readers of this blog will know that I’ve recently become involved in new ministry that is birthing at our church – a business ministry. The other members and I all have the same knowledge – a calling by God to serve Him in our workplaces. This book emphasises that.

And yet, I would not have known about this book if it hadn’t been for a lady who placed a comment on this blog to one of my other posts. She told me about the MarketPlaceLeaders website and to look in the TGIF archives – there I found a daily devotional called Today God Is First which I now receive. And there I saw more of Os Hillman’s book and there were three on special, I bought all three and am reading this one first. I had no idea this movement was sweeping the world and has been for awhile – I just knew what I was supposed to be doing and that God had shifted Graham and me to Bayside Church for that reason.

Amazing – I started to learn about blogs for a client of mine, got hooked and started doing my own, started this one because of something our Pastor said in a sermon some months ago, and then via a comment get propelled further along my path towards my goal. God is so amazing! KMT

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