Grocery From Heaven

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On the 19th I wrote like this:

Speaking of “supporting” the household, that is something that God has shown me HE wants to take care of but I’m gonna tell you later about what I mean!

So I’m gonna tell you now what I meant. It was maybe… well in a three weeks time as I was coming home from the store I prayed like “Father, how am I going to feed the kids for the rest of the month? The account is used almost up to the limit and the month isn’t even in half”. (the account at the grocery store had only 4-5 euros left for the rest of the month) The very evening a friend of mine called that he’d like to stop by, just visit. I hadn’t said ANYTHING to him about my situation but when he came, he stood with a huge grocery bag behind the front door!!! Mind you that he had never done anything like that. THANK YOU GOD!!! applause

The very same thing happened when the other day when the kids were spending the weekend with their dad I said to God: “I’d like to save money so that it’s enough for the coming week and NOT to go buy any food more for myself for the weekend. But I would need e.g. bread or rolls and milk and if I’d get some ice cream that’d be an EXTRA bonus”!

Well, what happened was that in ten minutes my sister in Christ stood behind the front door with a grocery bag…. Ain’t this wonderful?

My Father sees everything and HE DOES TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY LIKE HE HAS PROMISED!!!!! heart

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  • Dr.John says:

    Reminds me of when as Pastor of United the church was so far behind in its budget taht neither I nor the secretary would get paid that month (I had three kids to feed). I told the secretary God will provide. In the mail came $3000 in cash. No explanation just that it wasa for the general fund. We needed to finish the month $2900 . God was just a little generous.

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