Going Full Circle

Have you ever had that experience when you’ve known someone for a time, lost touch and then years later you meet up with that person again? It makes you feel like you’ve come back to where you were all that time ago.

That happened to me today. Twelve years ago in the first year of my business I did work for a man whose office wasn’t far from mine. For a while we kept in touch but then I lost track of him – he’d shifted offices but I didn’t know where to and he dropped off my mailing list.

Three weeks ago I got an email from the Pastor of my church introducing the name of the man who would head the business ministry in our church – the name was the same as the man I did work for 12 years ago. I knew instantly it had to be the same guy as his name is quite unusual. But I had no idea he was a Christian and he wouldn’t have known it of me either – guess it was just something we didn’t talk about then.

Today we had our first business ministry meeting at my home and Richard and I were able to be re-acquainted and explain to the others there that we had met many years ago. It felt in some ways that I’d gone full circle and I feel confident that I’ll be working with this man again – not for him as in the past, but for God, with him and the others. The others also shared stories that showed all 5 of us had travelled paths that taught us similar lessons and had now brought us all together.

After this morning’s meeting I couldn’t help feeling excited – a new chapter is birthing in my life and along with it, will be many of the business people I’ve dealt with on and off over the years – all of whom have migrated to the same church. I was amazed as I went through the church directory today because I thought I only knew up a handful of people but there were 23 and all were business connections! And there may be others I haven’t yet discovered. God’s got something cooking….. KMT

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  • Sophia says:

    Hi Kathie!

    First, a quick intro: my name is Sophia, I’m a fellow believer, a fellow VA, and currently reside in St. Maarten (a beautiful Caribbean island – http://www.st-maarten.com: the official site of St. Maarten’s Tourist Bureau).

    I have to admit that it truly was a God-Incidence experience to me when I “stumbled” on your blog last night — this for many reasons for it also represented an answer to a prayer.

    I fully agree with you: God indeed got something cooking! Due to a recent set of events, I realized that HE’s currently Divinely moving in the business/workplace for such a time as this – I honestly believe that we’re at the verge of experiencing a worldwide revolution in this area. (In this case I prefer the use of the word “revolution” instead of “revival”.)

    Your testimony “Full Circle” served as a confirmation to me regarding this Divine worldwide move of God. In addition to yours, “A New Breed of Workplace Believers” by Os Hillman also served as a confirmation to me. I hope you’ll have time to read it – it really provoked me unto continued good works. You can find it on the site http://www.marketplaceleaders.org — look for the title under the navigation bar “TGIF archives”.

    I thank you for being a blessing to me thru your blog, and I pray and hope for prosperity in every area of your life.

    Sophia, April 8th ’06 at 02:07 PM AST

  • Kathie says:

    Thanks for your comment Sophia – I’m assuming you saw my VA blog and then found God-incidence thereafter? I’ll look for the book you mentioned – we want to build a resource library for the business ministry so it will be good to add that one as well. Another book that would be good for you is The Power of Faithful Focus, written by business coach Les Hewitt and Pastor Dr Charlie Self. See http://www.thepoweroffocus.ca/ for details.

    Please do let me know how things are going for you.

    Bless you.

  • The Stevens says:

    Hi, I, too am a fellow believer from America. I wanted to just leave a quick comment about the last line in “Full Circle”. God has something cooking—-I wholeheartedly agree that God indeed has something cooking where ever His people are seeking after His will through much prayer. Things have been exciting at my church in the last year. I’ve been in this church for 20 years but have never felt such a movement as the present time. Here also God has brought together a group of people who have diverse talents and abilities and who are joined by our love for Him. I cannot wait to see what He will do next. Currently, we are seeking to open a Youth Center in our small town to offer a christian environment to those who will not attend church. This is a big step for me and my family personally,but God has already done some miracles to get us a building located within shouting distance of two schools. God is good. Well, I could probably write a book here, but I better not. Thanks for your Blog, I will check back from time to time. You pray for us and we will pray for you.

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