It happened today

I got a phone call from the printer of my BNI chapter who is only a few mintues’ drive from me. She had a Pastor in there who wanted some typing done so she sends him to me. Turns out he’s one of the Sudanese from Heatherton CRC where my husand and I used to attend for 10 years and which we left only a year ago*. He needs a Rules of Association typed for the new Sudanese church being established at Heatherton. He, and the senior pastors there had been trying to find a copy of this document on the church head office website but it’s not there so he had to find someone to type a copy from the example he had – what are the odds of him going to Highett only to be directed to me? Totally awesome! KMT

*As an addendum, I should explain that Graham and I shifted to another church because of a direction from God and a change in our Ministry. We loved the years we spent at Heatherton and have many friends there – with a daughter marrying a son of one of the Pastors from there later this year.

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