Author: Richard Burley

I had a most amazing encounter yesterday. I went to go get a hair cut… much overdo! I struck up a conversation with the Stylist (named Glenda) that was cutting my hair. She asked me about the book that was reading (i.e. The Emerging Churches by Gibbs and Bolger). This lead to her telling me all about the AG church that she goes to. She was very excited about it. I was moved by their missional heart and the fact that they have special services for the incoming numbers of immigrants from Nigeria, India, Somalia and a few others that I dont recall all in those languages! Very impressive. She told me how her brother is the Pastor.

I told her about Deb and my experience in Vineyard and how I”ll always be grateful for what I learned there. She said that she has a relative who is the Pastor of the Vineyard in King Wood Texas. Whoah! Hold the presses. A Vineyard in King Wood. There has got to only one Vineyard in Kingwood… and I happen to know the Pastor as well!! I started laughing and asked her “Is it Bob Towell?”. She said it was and we were both laughing. I told her that Bob and Joyce were and remain to be two of our favorite people in Church leadership and they were our Pastors in Austin! She said that her Brother the Pastor is married to Joyces sister. Amazing!

Glenda and I both agreed that this had to be a God’-incidence. Though I dont know yet what it might mean or lead to. I haven”t seen Bob in over 4 years. I sure would like to see he and Joyce again. And who knows… with this connection I might. ‘Course, now that I’m back in Texas… I could just drive down to Kingwood one of these days and visit.

Where might this lead??? Who knows. But God is good… and He seems to really love reunions. I am really hoping to see them again.

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