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God-incidence Posted By: drdawg

There are co-incidences and God-incidences. Our TV show was broadcast last week so now it’s kaput. But in our own hometown, it didn’t come on. Rorie and I told everyone we knew to tune in, and at 9:00am last Thursday another show came on. Needless to say, we were disappointed and somewhat embarrassed since we had asked so many people to watch. Called the local cable station and they said “Oh yeah, we got the tape but decided to put it on NEXT week.” Amazing. Anyway, Rorie was in a room this morning with a lady who was a BC patient and she had 3 drains and was scared and had lots of questions and after talking with Rorie she said “You know, you ought to be on TV.” And Rorie looked at the clock and it was 9:00am and Poof! she hit the remote and there she was on TV!. A God-incidence. We are still laughing. If the show just touched this one lady it was worth it. Sometimes things just work out. DD

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