Another Story

The web is full of God-incidence stories. I’ve just come across this one….

Author: Shelley Marshall

A call from a fan, Cindy, came in today from West Virginia. What a doll she is. The excitement in her voice made me really appreciate the gift God has given me to write the books people like Cindy read. This beautiful young woman invited me to help their young people’s group celebrate their third anniversary. Because the group was named after my second book, Young, Sober, & Free, Cindy thought she had ask if I could attend. This is the trippy part. It just so happens that I am scheduled to be in West Virginia, not 50 miles from her group, around the date of the group’s anniversary! If I just move my flight up by a few days I can make it. Now, what are the odds of my schedule just happening to coincide with their anniversary? Pretty good I say, when one believes in God-incidences.

What about you? What God-incidences have happened to you lately? Some say that “coincidence” – is the word God uses when He wants to be anonymous. But He cannot fool me! I see my Higher Power behind all the serendipitous events of my life. Where do you see you see God in your life? Share with us, I love the God-incidence stories.

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