Just last year….

I was sharing with a friend on the weekend about how Graham and I came to be at our current church. We’d been talking about this blog before that and when she heard the story she told me there was another God-incident I should be sharing. I hadn’t thought of that in this way but it is true.

We’d been at our previous church for around 10 years, and our girls had grown up during that time. Graham and I had been housechurch leaders for 8 years, I’d been secretary at the church for a couple of years (until a word was spoken over me some months previously by a visiting Pastor saying that God wanted me in the business world and not working in the church office), Graham had been on the business council and we’d also been the Singles Ministry Leaders. So, we were comfortable there and had fit in well. However, I’d tried to get some business breakfasts and meetings happening – an outreach to business people. These hadn’t been successful but I couldn’t help feeling that was what I was supposed to be doing.

Over the last couple of years we’d become restless and different things that happened or were said to either of us prompted us to feel it was time to move on. We discussed this feeling of restlessness and what we should do and where would we go? A couple of business associates of mine were attending Bayside Church and I knew there was a large group of business people there – I couldn’t help wondering if that was the place? The feeling was growing that we needed to mix with other Christian business people – there were few in our church we had been attending. We decided to pray about it and perhaps go attend a service the following Sunday.

All that week every business person I met with was a Christian and attended Bayside. Some of them I’d known for a few years but I had no idea – it had not come up in our discussions until that particular week! I met a couple of business people I’d not known before – they also went to Bayside. I rang my husband and told him ‘all roads lead to Bayside’. So we attended that Sunday and on entry were handed the newsletter, sermon notes and a bookmark with a list of goals for 2005. I scanned the list and my eyes quickly picked up an item near the bottom – a goal to establish a business ministry in the church. I knew immediately we had come to our new ‘home’ church and that is where we are today. A co-incidence? I don’t think so!

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