Even Today….

… things keep happening that show God’s involvement as He weaves our paths in and around others. Graham and I changed churches last year. We’d been receiving words and prophecies for about a 2 year period that God wants us to connect with business people because that is where our ministry is. We visited Bayside Church April 2005 and printed on their new bookmark was a list of goals for the year – one of them being plans to develop a business ministry. I knew we’d come to the right place!

Today I get an email welcoming me to the Business Ministry team as it starts to take shape this year and the man leading it has a really unusual name – not one that you’d forget easily. A man with the same name was a client of mine in my first year of business nearly 12 years ago. I feel sure it’s the same man, and if so, can’t help thinking another God-incidence is about to happen. I’ll keep you posted. KMT

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