When I was around 28 years of age:

Some years later, I was working in a wonderful position, with a Christian boss. I’d had more children and they were growing up and I’d returned to work to help pay the bills. I was going through great growth at that time, learning much from my discussions with my boss, and I’d even joined his church. The children and I went to his family’s place for meals, I enjoyed being with him and his wife as much as possible. I still attended my church too (one in the morning, one at night) and during that time I’d become friendly with a lady named Betty, who was my ‘elder’. One Sunday morning, Betty took ill during the church service and was rushed to hospital. She appeared to have had a stroke. She returned home around ten days later. At my work for several days, the words ‘Be Still and Know that I am God’ kept running around in my head, plus ‘ring Betty’. I dismissed it as fanciful thinking for a few days, until it started to drive me crazy. I couldn’t shake the words from my head. Finally, shaking, I gave in to it and decided to give Betty a ring and see how she was. I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach the subject but knew I had to tell her. I plucked up the courage after about five minutes of conversation and told her that I had to say something to her, but didn’t know if it were relevant to her. I quoted the verse and stopped. She was silent at the other end and I wasn’t sure if she was still there. I waited. Then she spoke. ‘It’s funny’, she said, ‘but that’s what they were telling us about on the Friday night at the elder’s meeting before the Sunday I took ill. I dismissed it as not being for me. Whilst I was in hospital they did lots of tests but they could find nothing wrong. They let me come back home but I was still very tired and needing rest. I started to spend time with the Lord and reading His Word. You are right, it’s what I needed to hear.’ I said my goodbyes to her, my heart gladdened because I’d listened and obeyed. But boy, was I shaking!

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