This is an incident that happened when I was 19 years old.

There was the time when I was working in a bank in South Australia, young, only around 19 years of age. I loved to wander the main street of the city at lunchtimes and it was during this time that a group called ‘Eckenkar Travellers’ had set up a tent, to invite in prospective new members. I had begun to visit them, discussing with them my beliefs and the reason why I couldn’t possibly become a part of their group. But their answers confused me and I was unsure.

I went to see a friend who worked nearby and who was a solid Christian. He suggested I pray to God about what He wanted. I prayed that Friday night, that God would show me one way or the other, what He wanted me to do. On Monday, I was back at my desk and there was an envelope addressed to me. It seemed a lady from another branch desperately wanted to transfer to town and as I lived near where she was currently working, it had been suggested that I should transfer out to there. I had my answer. I could have argued and said no, I wouldn’t go, after all I loved my position, but I didn’t argue. Because I knew that this was the answer that God had for me and I had to accept it. No more contact with those people!

Co-incidence? No, it was a God-incident!

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