Traffic Angel

Sent in by Mary Ann Cobos Boyd.  Thank you.

I am disabled and besides my wheelchair at home I use a scooter to get around town.  The grocery store is located just a few blocks from my house but is on the other side of a major street that is actually a highway.  It is very scary for me to cross and I try to wait until there is “NO” traffic coming in either direction which can take up to an hour of sitting and waiting to cross in either direction.

One day as I was crossing to get back home I got ready for a long wait, I turned my scooter off and let my body just sink into the seat as I sat at a bank parking lot that was easier to cross from.  The weather was hot, no shade and just whispered a prayer “Lord, help me cross”

I had no sooner prayed when a man’s voice behind me spoke in Spanish… “Mam, do you want to cross?”.. I never even heard him pull up and park behind me. Before I could answer he says “Come on” and walked right onto the busy street, waved his arms and halted traffic like some sort of “TRAFFIC ANGEL” with both arms stretched out, palms up in a “stop” signal and all the traffic, even big semi trucks came to a complete stop…

Then with a humble gentle voice he says.. “you may go now”  I was a bit embarrassed, but turned on my scooter (which didn’t have a fast mode) and made traffic wait a little longer as I rode across the street wishing I had a “hurry up button” and thanked my traffic angel as I passed him.

Later I posted the story on my Facebook page and a Pastor friend told me it was his brother. He forwarded the story to him and said. “He cried when you called him a ‘traffic angel'”, said no one has ever referred to him as an angel. O:)

Angels on earth

Submitted by a reader: Mae Dricken

After spending a delightful fall day with a friend on a tour to the Cranberry Fest in Warrens, WI we headed back to Fond du Lac where the bus left us off to pick up our cars.

I dropped my friend off at her house and headed home to West Bend on Hwy 41 thinking of all the fun and excitement of the day. I was in a very happy frame of mind as I drove along by myself.

My happiness was short-lived however, when about ten minutes out of Fond du Lac, I got a flat tire. Which was quite a surprise, since I had a new car and new tires. Needless to say, I now know the true meaning of loneliness. There I was at ten o’clock at night, in total darkness, by myself and without a phone.

I sat there in the car, I don’t recall how long, trying to talk myself into staying calm. Telling myself not to cry. Finally I realized just sitting there wasn’t helping the situation one iota. So I got out of the car and proceeded to open the trunk and analyze the job ahead of me. Several things were against me. First of all, it was totally dark, secondly, the cars were whizzing by so fast that I thought I would be blown away, and last but certainly not least, I need to wear glasses to read and I didn’t have them along with me that day. So the instruction booklet that I located in the trunk was of very little use to me.

As I began to take the spare tire, etc. out of the trunk, I prayed to God to keep me from harm and if possible, assist me in the task ahead. I prayed that no one would stop for fear of being robbed or worse, but I also prayed that someone would stop to help me. I’m sure that God was as confused as I was about what I wanted at that point.

Well anyway, getting to the Godincidence part of my story. A couple of months earlier, I had subscribed to a magazine entitled, “Angels on Earth.” I read many stories of people describing how an angel had helped them out of dangerous or troublesome situations. So, as I was sitting alone on the side of this very dangerous highway, I changed my prayer to something like this – “Dear God, if we do have an angel to watch over us, please send mine to me now, for I am in serious trouble. As I worked, I prayed, and immediately at the end of my prayer for an angel to help me, a car pulled over to the side of the road, right in front of mine. Now I began to panic. All the horror stories I’ve heard came to mine at this point. Would this be a “friend or foe”? As I sat there nervously by the side of my car, in total darkness, a young girl came to me (I guessed her age to be early twenties) she asked if I needed help and I filled her in on what was going on. She told me she was on her way home from work and for some reason, had this strong feeling that she should stop to help. She also said that she never stops on the highway to help anyone for fear of what could happen to her and because her mom would never allow it. But somehow she felt she needed to stop at this time. I told her that I had just pray for my angel to help me and that I know she is my angel! She told me that that was the nicest thing that anyone had ever said to her. She then drove me back to Fond du Lac to my friend’s house and as we drove she told me she worked at the Ramada Inn, in Fond du Lac, was a senior in high school in Lomira, and was just 18 years old.

This incident happened in September of 1997 and we have been corresponding ever since. She has gone through some hard times in her life, which I’ve been trying to help her through. I also purchased a gold and silver angel pin for her to pin to her jacket to remind her that she is my angel. I’m not sure what reason God meant for us to meet, but I am as sure as night is dark, that there is a reason, and someday we will be enlightened, as to what that reason might be.

Thank you for reading my story, I just love sharing it with whomever I can. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

A night out

Shared by a reader

Hello Kathie and thank you for your site. I am a Christian (Australian) living in London and trying to understand more about God-incidences, having had some confusing ones happening recently. Generally, I wonder what is the reason for them? I thought to share one:

Recently I was at The Globe Theatre, London one night with a friend. The theatre is modelled on a Shakespearian theatre, with upper and lower floors and the theatre was packed. At interval by friend and I went into the courtyard. Amidst the crowd I thought I saw someone in the distance who seemed familar…someone I had known in Fellowship group in Sydney in my teens. “Ridiculous” I thought, “he’ll be with his wife in northern NSW”. Still, there was something very familar about his movement. He left the area for a while, but seeing him was ‘bugging me’. He returned to the courtyard and I thought “well, here I go making a fool of myself” and went up to him and said, “helllo, I think….” then – indeed my friend from Sydney!! – turned and hugged me. We exchanged contact details and met the next day to catch up.

That we met was, I think, quite incredible – a God-incidence. He was only in London for 2 nigthts, this was the only night he went out in London and we happened to be at the same theatre – of all the theatres in London – and that I happened to recognise him in a crowd. He, his wife and I had just fallen out of touch over time, for no especially reason, but it’s lovely to be in touch with them again.

Modesty and Purity

Out of the blue, on a Valentine’s Day, as I took the kids to school, I decided to talk  them about modesty and purity.  Although they are only 6 and 8, I felt the need to explain a few things in simple terms.  I told them that  God made us for His glory and that we must guard our eyes, mouth, hands, all of our body so God is proud of us.  I also said that when they become adults and have a job, that it will be then, that they can date and find the woman has created just for them.

I stopped talking about the subject, but I asked them if they understood what I said, both said yes.  And they explained back to me, what I had just said to them, in their own terms.  I was happy….they understood, for now!

Later on, when I picked them up from school…remember, it was Valentine’s day, they mentioned they liked the Valentine’s cards I made for them.  When we got home, I allowed them to have some of the Valentine’s candies they got from their friends at school.  After their homework was done they went outside to ride bikes.  I took this opportunity to look through their school backpacks.  I expected to find candy that was being saved for bedtime…but I never expected to find a love letter from a little girl to my 8 year-old!

To my horror, she described that she had been wanting to kiss him on the lips, she had been dreaming about him.  And how another little girl wanted to the same.  She also mentioned they both wanted to “corner him” during recess time to kiss him.  The penmanship was from one girl, but both the girls signed the letter, and ended it by saying “destroy this, because I don’t want anyone to see it.”  I guess other parents would have been tickled pink, that their little boy is handsome…yes, it’s a little funny, but we want our kids to see modesty and purity as a way to honor God.

It was no coincidence I was led to have a talk about modesty and purity…it was a God-incidence.  And of course, the next morning, I alerted his teacher.  It was a happy Valentine’s Day, after all ?.

Do you have a story to tell?

Has God been involved in your life? Has something unexplainable happened that protected you, changed a circumstance or answered a prayer?  God does show up in our lives – often when we least expect it.

Why not share it with us here?

Sequel II in the making

I can’t believe it’s almost 2 1/2 years since I published “It Happened By Design” which was a compilation of stories from this blog and other authors on how God had taken part in the lives of many.  I’ve had so many emails and letters from people telling me how this book has enlightened them on how God is with us on a day-by-day basis.

I had a few stories sent to me after the closing date of the first book and I’ve decided I am going to produce a second book.  Title not yet decided upon.

I’ve updated this blog now and have made it possible for contributing authors to add their stories here for consideration.  All contributions will need to be added here or sent to me personally (via the contact form) for consideration.  If accepted I will contact you via email to ask for your full contact details and to get you to sign a permission form, giving permission for the story to be published in the book.

By the way, if you don’t have a copy of “It Happened By Design” but would like a copy, I’m making it available here at a discounted price.

Exciting hey?  I’m sure many of you have stories to tell where God has ‘showed up’ in your life in various circumstances. Why not share them with us now?

I found my shoes!

This was sent to me by Gloria, a reader and I thought I’d share it with you.  Thanks for sharing Gloria.

I needed athletic shoes and finding this for me it’s hard: wide feet. We are also a one-income household.  I am a stay-at-home mom.  So I prayed about this a few days ago. First I got a $10 coupon to this one store. So I went last night: after trying MANY brands I found the winner. Then I checked the clearance rack: found them in my size (different color) on sale! Reg. $65, on sale for $49.96, minus 40%, minus $10 = ANSWERED PRAYER!

Coincidence? NOT! God-incidence! You do the math (I’m bad at it). BUT it pays off to pray even about the little necessities of this sinner.  Although I have Salvation, I’m still a sinner…however, God answers even my little prayers!

For such a time as this …

My daughter Julia often brings L (age 13) and T (age 12) to church, and we have kind of “adopted” this family especially since their parents separated last year, looking after them in whatever way we can.

Sadly, their Dad committed suicide a week ago. As their Mum doesn’t drive or have a car, it was arranged for a relative to drive L to the funeral in a country town some three hours away (T didn’t want to go); and that we would bring her back home.

However I couldn’t believe my eyes when L’s family came out of the house to say hello, there was a face I recognised! The grandmother’s sister was K – a lady from our church who had visited our cell group only a couple of weeks before! Being a large church, we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I know we were both encouraged, even without saying a word, to realise that there is another Christian in this family’s life to love and care for them.

Now if that isn’t a God-incidence, I don’t know what is!

Of course it’s devastating that their dad took his own life –  but at least God has been busy placing His people all around the family to support them, and hopefully love them into His Kingdom. “For such a time as this …”

Finding Missing Things

Since I published my latest book about God-Incidences it’s highlighted to others how simple every day actions could actually be a God-Incidence. So I’m going to start sharing with you some of the stories that have been sent in to me.  Here’s the first one.

Good luck with your book launch Kathie.  I received the first ‘God Incidence’ that I chose to recognize this week.

It was simple really.  The previous day I had been sorting a LOT of papers and I wrote a small list of some things I wanted to do soon.  Then I could not find the list.

The next day I decided I would go and look for it (in all the mess), but the phone rang.  It was a lovely call and it prompted me to look in my diary, and out fell the small list of things to do.

It may not seem like much, but it was such a simple thing (and I HATE losing things) and at the time, I was feeling quite alone (not just because I work from a home office), so I felt as if I really did have someone by my side.

After reading some of your blog today, I will probably start seeing a lot more of these in the future – how blind I have been!

Cheers, Sue

And it really is that simple – God helping us to find things.   Kathie.

“It Happened By Design Now Available”

The new book based on this blog, with many new stories, is now available at the site “It Happened By Design“.  And when I was seeking reviews for the book, one of the reviewers had a God-incident of her own.  Amazing!  But then you wouldn’t expect anything less of God, would you?

Have you ever experienced an amazing co-incidence in your life?  One so amazing that later you ask yourself if perhaps it was the hand of God at work?  Well, according to author Kathie Thomas, it just might be.  She says that instead of a co-incidence, you may have experienced a God–incidence.

Kathie first heard the term “God-incidence” from her pastor a few years ago While listening to a sermon on how God used Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers to ultimately save the Hebrew nation, and how everything – every “coincidence” that occurred in Joseph’s life -actually moved him closer to his destined path, she realized that she too had experienced many such moments in her own life.

Kathie began searching the internet and found that many others were also having these same experiences.  She asked others to share their stories.  Those stories became a book – “It Happened by Design”.

It’s a wonderful book.  Kathie has changed nothing in the retelling of the many stories sent to her.  They ring with faith and truth.   And as you read you realize that, just as Kathie says, the hand of God is moving in the lives of these individuals.

My favorite story is almost the last one in the book – Surprise!  God-incidence.  It tells the story of a woman who discovers God’s calling for her in a surprising way.  As I read it, I felt tears come – and then an amazing peace.  You see, I have been feeling a similar call as the one in the story – a call to reach out and bring God’s word to other women.  But then I turn away.  Surely God has another plan for a simple business woman from Arkansas?  Then suddenly Kathie asks for friends to review her newest book.  And I say I will – although I have never done such a thing before.  And I read a story of a woman who hears God’s call and I know that this is the path I am to take.  Co-incidence?  Of course not!  God-incidence!  As Kathie shows so beautifully in her book – it happened by design.

Melodieann Whiteley,  WealthTogether, Inc.